Thermostatic valve

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Thermostatic valve

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  • Reducing adapter size: 3/4’’ x 1/2’‘
  • Threaded elements material: Brass
  • Size: M30x1.5mm

The secret of an effective heating system control

Are you planning to design a heating system in your house or apartment? Looking for the best possible solution? Picture this: you come back from work when the temperature outside is -20 Celsius degrees. You enter your warm, cozy apartment and sit comfortably in the armchair, not having to worry about absolutely anything. We like this scenario as well – that's why we have found a solution which can turn such a scene into a normal, everyday situation.

A thermostatic valve for a floor heating manifold is a small element which can become a real hero in your house or apartment. Thanks to it, you can set the right temperature in the room.

Are you ready for a solution that perfectly matches your needs?

You think that controlling an underfloor heating is difficult and you worry that you won't be able to learn it? We have bad news for you – you are wrong. Adjusting the temperature to your individual needs has been never that simple. All you need to do when using a thermostatic valve is to turn it in the right direction.

You don't want to pay too much? You don't have to!

Heating costs usually are quite high. If you use the right thermostatic valve, you can make them lower. Wondering how is that possible? The answer lies in the perfect adjustment of the temperature. This allows you to avoid overheating the building and wasting the energy that you pay for.

100% quality guaranteed, at a very attractive price

When planning the finish of your house, you should choose durable and long-lasting solutions, that will not force you to redo everything after a few weeks or months. By choosing a high quality thermostatic valve, you get a 100% quality guarantee for a long time! And because nobody likes overpaying – we offer you an attractive and adequate to the product's properties price that will surely satisfy you.

Bust the myth and do it like a professional

Are you wondering how to work like an expert when you don't have any experience and knowledge in the field of heating systems? Don't worry – you don't need them. A thermostatic valve installation is so easy that you will do it without any issues. What's more, it is also very quick. You don't believe it? Try it yourself.

Technical Specification

  • Valve material: Polypropylene
  • Reducing adapter size: 3/4'' x 1/2''
  • Threaded elements material: Brass
  • Full length: 80 mm
  • Size: M30x1.5mm
  • Installation thread: 1/2'' MPT DN15

What is a thermostatic valve?

Thermostatic valve is the most basic piece of equipment that is typically used in underfloor heating systems. It allows you to control the functioning of the system. Thermostatic valves regulate the flow of the liquid in the floor heating, which allows the user to set the right temperature.

How do thermostatic valves work?

Thermostatic valves control underfloor heating systems. Their working is very simple. If the temperature needs to be lower or higher, all you need to do is set the thermostat. It triggers the action of mixing water of the right thermal value in the right proportions.

Thermostatic valve – structure

The thermostatic valve is a highly durable product. The resilience properties are directly linked to the materials it has been made of. Both the body and the threaded elements of the valve are made of brass.

The highly reliable leak tightness of the thermostatic valves is a result of the rubber seals used for the element’s construction. The valve itself – that is, the knob is a noteworthy component as well. It has been made of plastic material, which is a guarantee of a proper isolation from the temperature of the heating system. The control of the element is very comfortable due to the ergonomic shape of the knob, which prevents your hand from slipping.

Thermostatic valve for the easiest control

A thermostatic control adjustment is a very easy task that anyone can do without any issues. The special symbols on the top make it even more convenient. Just turn the thermostatic valve to the “+” position to increase the temperature in the room. If you turn it to “-“, you can expect a temperature drop.

What are the advantages of a thermostatic valve?

Every type of thermostatic valve has many advantages. The most notable one is a precise temperature regulation. This property is strictly connected to the structure of the element. It allows to adjust the temperature in the room to one’s own needs.

The second important aspect of high-quality thermostatic valves is the resistance to high temperatures in the heating system. When choosing a particular model, it is advised to pay attention to the temperature range within which it can be used. Fitting the right element to this criterion influences its durability.

High-quality materials prevent dirt from accumulating and protect the element from lime scale. Similar to the previous feature, this one prolongs the life-span of the element significantly.

As many experts claim, investing in a more expensive but also higher quality thermostatic valve is definitely more worth it. This way you can avoid breakdowns and spare the precious time spent on fixing them.

How to install a thermostatic valve?

A thermostatic valve is very easy to install by yourself. It should be screwed to the floor heating manifold beam. Notice that there can be a number of valves on the manifold. It depends on the number of the circuits of the heating system. In manifold models designed for two circuits there are two thermostatic valves. The more circuits there are - the larger the number of thermostatic valves.

How to maintain thermostatic valves?

A heating system’s maintenance is an absolute essential that allows you to prolong its lifespan. Most homeowners remember about regular check-ups of the boiler or the pump, yet forget about elements such as thermostatic valves. In fact, taking the right steps in this regard might influence the proper functioning of the valve, and, most importantly, prevents it from galling.

What steps should be taken to keep a thermostatic valve in good shape? Experts suggest winding the thermostatic valve up and then winding it back – maximally, as much as it is possible. This will prevent the equipment from malfunctioning.

How much does a thermostatic valve cost?

Thermostatic valves are not a big expense. The price depends mostly on the material used for production, the construction of the element and the manufacturer. When choosing a thermostatic valve, do not aim for the lowest price. Pay attention to the already mentioned high quality. Choosing a cheap, often worse model – might result in a situation in which you have to replace it for a new one, due to its low resistance to damage.