Rainwater Gully

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Rainwater Gully

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  • Outlet: back or bottom
  • Upper surface dimensions: 155 x 300 mm
  • Weight load class: K3

Eliminate the rainfall dangers

Are you tired of water accumulating around the building? Are you concerned about the foundations of your house? Is the debris flowing from the guttering to sewage system a problem? If you have answered ‘yes’ to at least one of those questions - the solution to your problems might be very easy! All you need is a catch basin.

Durable in any conditions!

Because a catch basin is an outdoor element, it is exposed to various weather conditions: intense rainfalls and snowfalls, varying temperatures, UV lighting. All of this might affect the durability of the gully - if it were not made of high-quality materials.

Every Millto rainwater gully is highly resistant to each of the mentioned issues. It’s a guarantee that one can use it for a long time!

Perfect for all your needs

The gully is available in two variants, so that you can pick the one matching your needs. You can choose either a back or bottom outlet type. Despite various sizes and shapes, each of the elements works perfectly and protects the drainage system.

A catch basin is a universal element. Each product of this type might be connected to a drain pipe of 50, 80, 90, 100 or 110 mm diameter. Just cut the hole where it’s marked on the piece.

Do you need a different color? No problem!

The colour of the catch basin does not affect its functionality or durability. However, if you like elegance and want to keep one colour for the whole system - we can help you! We offer three versions - brown, black and grey. Thanks to this, you can easily fit the rainwater gully to the rest of the guttering and create a uniform, consistent construction.

Sewage system protection made easier than ever

You will quickly appreciate the functionality of the catch basin. It will help you stop any debris and protect the drainage system against clogging and serious malfunctions. After the installation, you can forget about puddles of water around the house. The rainwater gully is a simple element which can protect the construction of the building - it will be more durable and resistant to damage.

A universal solution for everyone

The Millto catch basin can be installed in any building - both in a house and in a block of flats. It’s also a perfect equipment for industrial buildings and garages. It’s a universal solution, highly recommended for taking care of the building’s safety.

Technical Specification

  • Outlet: Back or bottom
  • Upper surface dimensions: 155 x 300 mm
  • Weight load class: K3
  • Drainpipe diameter: 50, 80, 90, 100, 110 mm
  • Height: 167 mm
  • Size: 110 mm
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Colour: Black, grey, brown

Variants specification

  • Grey rainwater gully bottom outlet

    Grey rainwater gully bottom outlet

    • Colour: grey
    • Outlet: bottom
  • Black rainwater gully bottom outlet

    Black rainwater gully bottom outlet

    • Colour: black
    • Outlet: bottom
  • Brown rainwater gully bottom outlet

    Brown rainwater gully bottom outlet

    • Colour: brown
    • Outlet: bottom
  • Grey rainwater gully back outlet

    Grey rainwater gully back outlet

    • Colour: grey
    • Outlet: back
  • Black rainwater gully back outlet

    Black rainwater gully back outlet

    • Colour: black
    • Outlet: back
  • Brown rainwater gully back outlet

    Brown rainwater gully back outlet

    • Colour: brown
    • Outlet: back

What is a rainwater gully?

A catch basin is a type of a connector responsible for two systems in a building: guttering and drainage. Thanks to its construction, it removes rainwater and hence protects the building’s foundations. It eliminates groundwater from rainfalls, which might affect the structure of the building.

Catch basins also affect another element - the drainpipe. Thanks to them, one has an easy access to its bottom part. The element acts as an inspection chamber, which allows to quickly control the guttering system. Thanks to the catch basin, one can easily remove any debris that flows down from the roof. It won’t access the drainage system, which prevents clogging and in the long run - malfunctions.

What catch basins are available on the market?

A rainwater gully can be classified by two aspects. One of them is the connection type. There are models with:

  • back outlet,
  • bottom outlet.

A catch basin - additional equipment

Thanks to special equipment, a catch basin might become even more functional. There are rainwater gullies such as:

  • a catch basin with a trap - it allows to remove water from the guttering system, as well as from the ground surrounding the building,
  • a catch basin with a special mesh or strain, which protects the system against various types of debris flowing in the water.

A catch basin can have two of those elements. Such products are, obviously, the best, as they provide the best protection.

Weight load class for rainwater gullies

The equipment used for gullies used for removing the excess water from a particular area is produced in accordance with certain norms. They concern the weight load which specific elements can take. In this regard, one can distinguish four special classes for particular products. It looks like this:

  • H1,5 - a class of equipment for unused roofs,
  • K3 - maximum load in this case is 2 kN,
  • L15 - acceptable load for this class is 10 kN,
  • M125 - it gives the best possibilities - the load in this case might be even 85 kN.

Nearly every standard-use catch basin available on the market has the K3 load class.

What catch basin is the best?

Before picking a rainwater gully, pay attention to the connection type - back or bottom. It is not the only criterion you should follow. Additional equipment is another highly important issue. Almost every catch basin - with back or bottom outlet - has a special strain which catches the debris flowing down the drain. It is one of the better offers, definitely worth considering.

If you decide to purchase a particular catch basin, do not forget about the weight load class. Choose a durable product, however do not spend your money on industrial equipment which will not be fully used.

A catch basin - a step by step installation guide

A proper installation of a rainwater gully is one of the most important issues when it comes to using it. Many homeowners wonder how to install a catch basin. It’s not a complicated problem, so one can do it by themselves - without any help from a specialist. Of course, if it is needed, you can hire an expert to do it for you.

  • Preparation is a key issue, as it allows one to start the installation. At this stage a hole in the ground should be made - at the spot where the catch basin is going to be placed. The size of the hole should be slightly larger than the element - so that you can fit it without a problem.The upper part of the gully should match the ground level.
  • The second step involves securing the bottom of the hole. The easiest method is covering it with a layer of concrete.
  • Then one can start connecting the drain pipe. Make sure to be extra precise, so that everything is leakproof and durable.
  • When the rainwater gully is connected, it has to be locked. The best solution is using concrete once again. It should fill the remaining space around the element.
  • The last part involves connecting the catch basin to the drainpipe. The product might be used for various sizes - all one needs to do is to adjust the opening to the dimensions marked on the element.

Catch basin price

Although a catch basin serves a highly important role, it is not an expensive element. The price might vary depending whether the gully has a back or bottom outlet. Sometimes the value of the element is affected by its colour, the market demand and the availability of the product.

Why is a catch basin worth buying?

A properly working rainwater system is an absolute basis which affects particular elements and the drainage system. Furthermore, it is important for the proper condition of a building.

Effective water removal from the guttering system and clogging prevention guarantee a properly functioning building for years - all thanks to a catch basin.